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He's Not Dead Yet!

Walter Holland is an impressive individual with diverse talents and accomplishments. He has made significant contributions across multiple fields as an artist, engineer, educator, composer, and musician. His work in modernizing synthesized music, advancing art education, achieving technical breakthroughs, and creating sought-after works of art have made a lasting impact on the world. His innovative approaches are impressive, and his legacy will continue influencing and inspiring future generations.

Walter keeps himself sequestered in the studio these days, painting like a madman in preparation for his new series set to debut soon. He jokes, that his dear wife slips him quesadillas, pizza and fresh tea to keep him fed and watered.

Walter’s Paintings are normally worth tens of thousands of dollars, so this is your opportunity to own a Museum Quality, Walter Holland Original or Print, at a fraction of that price, before his new series pops up at the world’s biggest galleries and exhibitions next year.

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