“Walter is truly a unique individual; I’ve never met anyone smarter or more talented. We first crossed paths in 1980 at the Whisky-a-Go-Go in Hollywood while I was performing with the Cretones. Walter and I hit it off immediately and have been friends, colleagues, and collaborators ever since. Walter’s talents and abilities in art, music, electronics, and computers are beyond compare! Historians talk about Michelangelo; I talk about Walter Holland”.

Monolythic Music Publishing | Coriolis Records

Over the years, Monolythic Music Publishing and Coriolis Records have produced and released several albums worth checking out! One of their notable releases is “Snail Headed Victrolas” by Amber Route, which came out in 1980 and boasts some incredible cover art. If you’re a vinyl fan, this one is a must-have. Another great album from Amber Route is “Ghost Tracks,” released in 1983, also with fantastic cover art.

If you’re interested in something different, you should check out the album “Dali: The Endless Enigma” by Various Artists. This album was released in 1990 and is available as a CD. It’s worth your time if you’re into experimental music. Coriolis Records has an impressive music catalog!


How to Produce Your Own Compact Discs, Monolythic Music Publishers, 1991

Music Inspiration

Walter was and continues to be inspired by the sounds of Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Peter, Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Tangerine Dream, and Steeleye Span starting at an early age as they share his innovative and unique approach to making music, songwriting, and production.

These artists pushed the boundaries of what is possible in music, from Pink Floyd’s psychedelic rock, Jimi Hendrix’s electrifying guitar solos, and Peter, Paul and Mary’s harmonious folk melodies. Bob Dylan graced the world with poetic lyrics, David Bowie added eclectic and theatrical performances, Tangerine Dream rocked experimental electronic soundscapes, to Steeleye Span’s fusion of folk and rock.

As a result, Walter has been instrumental in supporting the underground electronic scene that continues to develop outside the mainstream music industry.

In 2022, Walter released the award winning, AIR, EARTH, SPACE, WATER.

Eurock, writes “Walter Holland’s newest production on Blu-Ray Disc is a revelation. It chronicles the elements that make life possible in the solar system we all inhabit. It also adds a new element that in some sense is an alien presence. All the images are produced using AI (‘Artificial Intelligence’).

Eurock goes on to say, “Technically, conceptually, and sonically Walter and his collaborator Steve Leonard are aided by an incredible cast of field recorders, sound designers as well as an array of musical sources, instruments, and effects. The creative result is an Evolutionary musical concept work featuring incredible imagery and provocative sounds, many of which offer a mind-blowing vision of THE FUTURE and what life will be like then.”

Recent Publications and Awards:

Mar-19 | Storyteller Part I CD | Folk Album for Coriolis Records

Oct-20 | Storyteller Part II CD | Folk Album for Coriolis Records

Dec-22 | Event Horizon Bronze Medal – Global Music Award for Electronic Music | Score for Music Video Event Horizon 2022

Dec-22 | Air Earth Space Water CD | Electronic Ambient Album for Coriolis Records

Apr-23 | Air Earth Space Water Bronze Medal – Global Music Award for Electronic Music | Electronic Ambient Album for Coriolis Records

Jan-23 | Air Earth Space Water – The Video Album | Electronic Ambient Video Blu-Ray for Coriolis Records

Sep-23 | Space Official Selection (Music Video) | Sci-Fi Horror & Action Film Festival

Sep-23 | Shades of Night Descending Featured Film | Indie Short Fest – Los Angeles International Short Film Festival

Sep-23 | Shades of Night Descending Nominated Best Original Song | Indie Short Fest – Los Angeles International Short Film Festival

Sep-23 | Water Award of Merit (Music Video) | Nature Without Borders International Film Festival

Oct-23 | Space Award of Exceptional Merit (Music Video) | Sci-Fi Horror & Action Film Festival

Walter Holland, as a Solo Artist has been active since 1983 and has released multiple albums such as “Relativity” in 1984, “Transience of Love” in 1989, among others. Walter’s solo work showcases his love of powerful, rock-anthem-style electronic pieces inspired in part by Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd.

In 2019 Walter released Storyteller Parts 1 and 2, “The music on both STORYTELLER albums is absolutely mesmerizing. Walter’s baritone voice, along with his and Steve Leonard’s instrumental arrangements are a perfect fit for the Scottish folk/rock interpretations of the songs which are heartfelt and note perfect,” says Eurock Magazine.

Publications and Awards:

Global Music Awards – Bronze Medal for Electronic Music for “Event Horizon” 2023

Global Music Awards – Bronze Medal for Electronic Ambient Music for “Air, Earth, Space, Water” 2023

Commercial Placement:

“Water” an Official Selection at the Nature Without Borders International Film Festival. May 15, 2023, and nominated for best original song.

“Space” an Official Selection at the Sci-Fi Horror and Action Film Festival July 2023

Amber Route was active from 1973 to 1983 and had several albums, including “Snail-Headed Victrolas” in 1980, “Ghost Tracks” in 1983, and “Don’t Drink Lemonade Formaldehyde” in 1985.

In 2022, they released the “Live at Rockwell 1982′ Album. The band used a variety of instruments to express their music, including Walter Holland on vocals, guitar, and synthesizer, and Richard Watson on vocals, clarinet, piano, and synthesizer.

Black Tape for a Blue Girl has released several albums, which feature Walter as a guest including “Mesmerized by the Sirens” in 1987, “Ashes in the Brittle Air” in 1989, “The Rope” in 1986, and “To Touch the Milky Way” in 2018.

Publications and Awards

Nomination for an ACE Award for Amber Route 1983

Amber Route in Rehearsal, Orange Cable 1982

Amber Route in Performance, Orange Cable 1982

Nominated for ACE Award Computer-Jazz Aboard the Space Shuttle 1983

Doppler Shift was an interesting addition to the electronic space music scene in the mid-80s. It was a collaboration between Walter Holland, who played guitar and electronic instruments, and Sam Rosenthal, who worked with electronics. Their music was a unique blend of melodic electronic sounds, often categorized as synthwave. They performed at four shows in Southern California in 1986 and 1987, and released two live albums recorded during those performances. It’s a shame they were short-lived, but their music lives on thanks to those recordings, and their “Live at KSBR 1987” and “Live on the Green – Chapman University” both in 1987.


Amber Route – “Snail-Headed Victrolas” 1980

Amber Route – “Ghost Tracks” 1983

Walter Holland – “Relativity” 1984

Amber Route – “Don’t Drink Lemonade Formaldehyde” 1985

Black Tape for a Blue Girl – “The Rope” 1986

Doppler Shift – “Live at KSBR 1987” 1987

Doppler Shift – “Live on the Green – Chapman University” 1987

Black Tape for a Blue Girl – “Mesmerized by the Sirens” 1987

Black Tape for a Blue Girl – “Ashes in the Brittle Air” 1989

Walter Holland – “Transience of Love” 1989

Various Artists – “Dali: The Endless Enigma” 1990

Black Tape for a Blue Girl – “To Touch the Milky Way” 2018

Walter Holland – “Storyteller Part I” 2019

Walter Holland – “Storyteller Part II” 2020

Djam Karet – “Collaborator 2021” 2021

Amber Route – “Live at Rockwell International 1982” 2022

Walter Holland – “Air, Earth, Space, Water” 2022

Walter Holland – “Air, Earth, Space, Water – The Video Album” 2023

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  • MUSIC FROM AROUND THE WORLD WALTER HOLLAND AIR - EARTH - SPACE - WATER FROM THE END OF PRE-HISTORY TO THE BEING & NOTHINGNESS   In 1983 I received a cosmic-space-rock album released by Amber Route titled SNAIL HEADED VICTROLAS. Amber Route was a

  • Walter Holland AIR, EARTH, SPACE, WATER (Coriolis CR-0110CD) CD 55m Dropping off the music map in the early 1990s, Walter was one of the potential stars of the synth music scene before that. Having been a member of the band Amber Route, he'd already

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