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“From our first meeting, I could tell that Walter’s destiny was to make his life into one of personal artistic expression. The time we spent together at Chapman only reinforced this belief. He was always creating, or building something, pushing the boundaries of what was possible. I remember the mural he painted on his dorm-room wall, a vibrant explosion of color and emotion. And then there was his middle-of-the-night Techno Radio Show, where he would play his favorite tracks from bands like Tangerine Dream. His room was dominated by a synthesizer that he built from parts he obtained from Radio Shack, It was clear to me that Walter’s art would never be a secret; he was simply too talented, too passionate, too driven to keep it all to himself. And when he started his band Amber Route with our professor, Dr. Richard Watson, I knew that he was another step along his path to living his dreams.”


Walter has more than 40 years of experience as a systems engineer, and has combined electrical, mechanical, analog, and digital design to work on a wide variety of projects. He’s designed well over five hundred products, ranging from test and measurement instruments to emulators, transducers, large test racks, and products for scientific, audio, musical, and medical applications. Walter’s passion for test and measurement relating to satellite computers, telemetry, and power systems has led him to specialize in the aerospace industry. His wealth of experience in this field is truly impressive.

Late in Walter’s engineering career, he co-founded Evaira, an electric vehicle design firm specializing in Lithium batteries, battery management systems, motors, and controllers. He combined his knowledge of mechanical, analog, and digital design to create innovative solutions for the company. Through his hard work and dedication, Walter and his associates were able to secure nearly a dozen patents for Evaira, which eventually led to the company being acquired by International Rectifier Corporation.

He continues to design high-performance audio equipment inside his company Holland Synthesizer, including digital and analog amplifiers, filters, synthesizers, mixers, and audio consoles. He laughs as he says. “It took me 21 years to construct the console I use today in my contemporary music, but when I finished my latest console design”, someone quipped, ‘wow, I really like the retro look’, which was funny only because he had started that project 21 years prior.

"I've never known an exceptional engineer that didn't play musical instruments", Walter Holland.


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