Art Inspiration

Awakened by the works of Dali, Picasso, Van Gogh, Picabia, Ernst, and S.C. Yuan, Walter has always been in awe of the power of art to change, encourage and make an immense difference in the world. Walter felt inspired by these artists because of their willingness to break with tradition and explore new forms of expression.

For example, Dali and Picasso were both pioneers of the Surrealist movement, which sought to push the boundaries of the subconscious mind and challenge conventional ways of thinking. On the other hand, Van Gogh was known for his bold use of color and expressive brushstrokes, which helped pave the way for the emergence of modern abstract art.

Picabia was associated with the Dada movement, which rejected traditional notions of art and embraced a more anarchic and irreverent approach to creativity. S.C Yuan was likely the best painter to ever emerge from the Carmel art scene, and was easily on par with the others on the list. While these artists had their unique style and approach to art, they were all part of the more significant movement of modern art that sought to challenge tradition and explore new forms of expression.

Towards New Horizons

Today, Walter’s work hangs in galleries, private homes, businesses and institutions across the globe, and he continues to expand his artistic output with modern works that inspire thought, individual interpretation and the desire to be owned by his collectors.

Art Showings:

Walter Holland “Computer Assisted Art” – Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman University 1977

All – California Juried Show Drawings and Paintings

9th Orange Open – Orange Art Assn. 2005

Orange Art Association 6 Ribbons 2005-2006 (Three 1st Place)

Walter Holland Retrospective Show OC Fine Arts Center, 2011

Orange County Fine Arts Center – 2 First Place Ribbons 2010

Legacy Art Gallery – Nature Morte 2004

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